We Won!!

22 05 2009

WE WON! by default. We started recruiting at 3:30 pst and got a lot of people, pic by Cpt Sulkes:


We went to the snow forts at 4:00 pst. UA or KCP wasn’t there, we waited a while, checked their, chat and it was official. We won! By default.

_Mgm-NMA Co-Leader_

Greenday9991: ah well we had more people there… i forgot to take pix. oh well. it turned into a recruiting session tho XD




8 responses

23 05 2009

i am mad at you! you didnt tell me what server and what day on the post! 👿

23 05 2009

Great job guys ^.^ and the date and times were 2 posts down

23 05 2009


23 05 2009
cpt sulkes

ninja it says in the tourny post what day. and alot of the other armies say it cuz alot of armies in it to. and we could use a little more pics cuz that one shows the begginning of the battle

23 05 2009

i didnt make it

29 05 2009
Slimball2007 (Flippy) IMAF leader

Of course KCP or UA didn’t show up. They are a small army!

1 06 2009
nacho 205

Im retiring from all armies goodbye Roehf, Ninja, Lucario and the rest of Nma

1 06 2009

no dont leave us! nacho! 😦

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