Hamburger Tip

29 06 2009

During summer everyone loves eating Hamburgers and Hot dogs off the Grill So heres a tip I heard (from the show Grill it with Bobby Flay) Using your fingers pound down the middle so it looks like a hole (not leading through the other side) This will gather all the juices into the middle instead of all the juices pouring out of the Burger This keeps it at its original size (insted of getting bigger like a burger on the grill usualy dose) and It keeps it tender and flavorful. Just wanted to post this so everyone has good burgers this summer. 


~My dream is to eat the worlds best cheesesteak,Nacho205~


Im Just curious

25 06 2009

  I ask my freinds this question all the time ( because Im currious) so since im still an author on the nma site I decided to post a poll on it

~My goal in life is to eat the worlds best cheesesteak, Nacho 205~


17 06 2009

Well guys that time has come once again, We are merging into CPRA We are merging for many reasons. 1 they’ve givin us a great offer. 2. We would become huge. 3. I don’t think were as active as we were but this is a great opurtinity. 4. I can’t manage to lead this army by myself anymore I also need to look after WW and these current NMA don’t post much. So with that being said you will all get fair ranks in CPRA and they actaully have people on chat. Sorry if you don’t agree with the desicion but me and the other leaders did and please be active in CPRA

-Non Member Army Forever

-Lucario564 Fight For Whats Right, Always!

Another NMA?

14 06 2009

Well I was looking at sites the other day and I found an army called the “Co NMA” and well I made this post for one reason and one reason only, should we go to war or should we be allies with this new NMA? Vote in this poll –

And get on chat more ppl!

-Luc NMA Leader

We Won!!!

10 06 2009

Well we beat the SPAAF. The thing is they won’t admit defeat. 🙄 Thnx to the WW/NMA and BB. Here are the pics:

Well we all got on, made a line and waited for the batte-

We later moved into the dock and met with BB-

We all formed a line when SPAAF came in-

We outnumbered SPAAF by a lot-

We joke charged them and SPAAF retreated-

Well if SPAAF calls this a victory for them, then I really feel sorryfor them. 🙄 They later retreated and we went back to snowforts. They later came back to docks and we spammed them. They left after that andd we stayed patrolling the server for a while.

Look what SPAAf wrote:
They say we dont own it so we reschudele it. Tommorow same time and we need EVERYONE there. atm put the times
Edit: We won tundra but they dont say so. We went through every room andbeat them so we own tundra. U get that BB RPF and WW. Get that through ur head. WE WON!!!!!!! The rest in SPAAF u werent there. wat the heck

Well i guess we have to beat them again 8) . so here are the times:

6:00 ST

7:00 MST

8:00 CST

9:00 EST

Day: June 10, 2009 Wedsenday

Where: Tundra, Meet at Dock

Why: To Defent tundra

~Saiyaman Xc


New Chat/Battle reminder

10 06 2009

Here is the new Official Non Member Army chat – We will be using this chat from now on and I expect everyone in the NMA to go on this chat everyday.

Don’t forget the battle vs. SPAF today

Server – Tundra

Time – 6:00 pm pst, 9:00 pm est.

When – Today, Tuesday

Be on chat for this battle

-Luc NMA Leader

The doom test

8 06 2009

This is the doom test. I am the wise man in the box.

[Test 1] Lick your nose with your tounge.

[Test 2] Walk thru you living/family room without tripping or stepping on somthing. [Note: if you don’t have a living/family room, you automatically fail the doom test.]

[Test 3] Sit in a cardboard box with a pillow on your head and balence it thare for 2 minnuets [Note: any kind of box works fine]

[Test 4] Go to and sing along to 3 Hannah Montana songs.

[Test 5] Jump on the nearest sofa and start dancing!

[Test 6] Run into a wall without hitting the wall.

Now if you passed this all, its time for the final test.

[Test 7] BWAHAHA I am not the Wise man in the box, I AM THE WISE MAN NOT IN A BOX! NOW YOU WILL ALL DIE! NO ONE CAN DEAFTE ME! *Rubber ball hits Wise man out of the box’s head and Wise man in the box dies*

Or not….