Back From the Dead/WAR

8 06 2009

Well hey would you look at that were back from a week of no posting even after I asked my authors to post but they didn’t.

We’ll if you read the title you can clearly says that were going to war.

The following post is taken from the SPAF site –


I thought of the stunt that we can do that will get us noticed. We will invade Tundra! Tundra is owned by three major armies. Rebel Penguin Federation, Watex Warriors, and Black Bandits. Here are links to there sites.




Times and stuff:


6:00 ST

7:00 MST

8:00 CST

9:00 EST

Day: June 9, 2009 Tuesday

Where: Tundra, Meet at Dock

 Go to there sites and tell them about the invasion. This will get us very noticed. I predict we will be poured with hits. And when people start to notice us, that means… new recruits! I have found out the reason recruitng drives don’t work. No one comes to our site and stays active because they don’t think we are cool because we aren’t big. The reason it works for Nachos and ACP is because people think they are cool becuase they are big. I’m also going to start a comedy show for ATM Entertainment. It will be called “Comedy Penguin”. I will tell jokes and interview people. If you want to be interviewed just comment. We will interview famous penguins from Person1233 to maybe even Commando717 or Boomer20 if we can get a hold of the retired leaders. Comedy Penguin will make its debut on June 10. Be prepared for the invasion everyone. Thats all. Cya.

-ATM 23 Leader and Founder of  SPA Air Force


Well We’re going to war with them to stop their attempt of “publicity” and to help our allies. Here’s the info –


6:00 ST

7:00 MST

8:00 CST

9:00 EST

Day: June 9, 2009 Tuesday

Where: Tundra, Snowforts.

Comment if you can or can’t come. We will be Blue for this battle so stuff like “turn blue”

The tourny info will be posted later.

-Fight till we win or till we die (that’s my new slogan)

-Luc NMA Leader




2 responses

8 06 2009
Saiyaman Xc

spa airforce is dumb to invade a server that is owned by 3 armies 🙄

10 06 2009
Saiyaman Xc

i can come

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