The doom test

8 06 2009

This is the doom test. I am the wise man in the box.

[Test 1] Lick your nose with your tounge.

[Test 2] Walk thru you living/family room without tripping or stepping on somthing. [Note: if you don’t have a living/family room, you automatically fail the doom test.]

[Test 3] Sit in a cardboard box with a pillow on your head and balence it thare for 2 minnuets [Note: any kind of box works fine]

[Test 4] Go to and sing along to 3 Hannah Montana songs.

[Test 5] Jump on the nearest sofa and start dancing!

[Test 6] Run into a wall without hitting the wall.

Now if you passed this all, its time for the final test.

[Test 7] BWAHAHA I am not the Wise man in the box, I AM THE WISE MAN NOT IN A BOX! NOW YOU WILL ALL DIE! NO ONE CAN DEAFTE ME! *Rubber ball hits Wise man out of the box’s head and Wise man in the box dies*

Or not….




8 responses

8 06 2009


8 06 2009

Btw lol I [Bleu Missy] Wrote that ^-^

8 06 2009

And I actualy did the tests. 😦

8 06 2009
Saiyaman Xc


8 06 2009

Emperer Josh did the doom test and passed! Congrats Josh! But I did let him skip test 1 and sing along to only 1 Hannah Montana song

8 06 2009

does anyone want to use my site ( ) for there army? im not using it and someone else can use it.

8 06 2009

im retiring from all armies except ninjas on mammoth so bye

8 06 2009

and someone has to be the new leader of rcp

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