We Won!!!

10 06 2009

Well we beat the SPAAF. The thing is they won’t admit defeat. 🙄 Thnx to the WW/NMA and BB. Here are the pics:

Well we all got on, made a line and waited for the batte-

We later moved into the dock and met with BB-

We all formed a line when SPAAF came in-

We outnumbered SPAAF by a lot-

We joke charged them and SPAAF retreated-

Well if SPAAF calls this a victory for them, then I really feel sorryfor them. 🙄 They later retreated and we went back to snowforts. They later came back to docks and we spammed them. They left after that andd we stayed patrolling the server for a while.

Look what SPAAf wrote:
They say we dont own it so we reschudele it. Tommorow same time and we need EVERYONE there. atm put the times
Edit: We won tundra but they dont say so. We went through every room andbeat them so we own tundra. U get that BB RPF and WW. Get that through ur head. WE WON!!!!!!! The rest in SPAAF u werent there. wat the heck

Well i guess we have to beat them again 8) . so here are the times:

6:00 ST

7:00 MST

8:00 CST

9:00 EST

Day: June 10, 2009 Wedsenday

Where: Tundra, Meet at Dock

Why: To Defent tundra

~Saiyaman Xc





10 responses

10 06 2009

I can make it! I was at the battle yesterday and we kicked their butts! Also thanks for the good times, because ACP has a battle at 5: 00 pm, so thank you.

10 06 2009

I can make it but i just posted to ask to join but i will attend anyway!

10 06 2009
Saiyaman Xc

i can make it 8)

11 06 2009


11 06 2009

hi there! i cant join because im a member (well i will be like today or tomorrow so i cant join) but your blog seem’s very neat!

13 06 2009

nice job guys great battle sorry i couldnt make it!

18 06 2009

You people are the biggest noobs I’ve seen in my life. We invaded Tundra you people just stood there. Noobs 🙄

29 06 2009

so sorry but i Have to do loads tomorow so cant

29 06 2009

I hate when noobs dont admit that they lost

9 07 2009

Ok so I guys I would be able to make it if there was a PST. Because I live in California, I would need the Pacific time. Thanks just respond if you can tell me.

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