17 06 2009

Well guys that time has come once again, We are merging into CPRA We are merging for many reasons. 1 they’ve givin us a great offer. 2. We would become huge. 3. I don’t think were as active as we were but this is a great opurtinity. 4. I can’t manage to lead this army by myself anymore I also need to look after WW and these current NMA don’t post much. So with that being said you will all get fair ranks in CPRA and they actaully have people on chat. Sorry if you don’t agree with the desicion but me and the other leaders did and please be active in CPRA

-Non Member Army Forever

-Lucario564 Fight For Whats Right, Always!




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19 06 2009

all this merging i think i might join the nachos for crying out loud

20 06 2009

I dont really get it its not a great offer WrazelKid is right we should get to do what we want to.

21 06 2009
тιηу ƒιηη

umm… merging with CPRA just ruined it. Your troops don’t want to so there leaving. Also if you try coming back they’ll think its gone and you’ll lose everyone. Also CPRA is VERY in-active army. You made a huge mistake Luc.

22 06 2009
Lucario564 *WW Leader*

What troops no one went to battles or anything, that’s another reason why we merged ._.

23 06 2009

i know how i quited all armies but i cant believe u merged thats lame o and the reason i quitted all armies is becuz i realized cp is not a war zone o and later im gonna give a speech probely sometime in july for how it was in nma

24 06 2009

wow everyong does agree with me i want to stay loyal but ive been in the nachos for almost a month and they have an everyday yea EVERYDAY practice

im sorry, Major Weazelkid

29 06 2009

Not that it cocerns me anymore but this army merges way too often 0_o

30 06 2009

cpra is helping uma invade snowcap. uma is PURE EVIL . u cant ally with an army thats allied with an army thats EVIL .

1 07 2009

^ exactly ^

anyways i made my own army and want to be allies with NMA
we are quickly growing but need all the help we can get

ps luc you really pissed me off you dont even care about the NMA cuz you have the WW crap luc…..YOU KILLED THIS ARMY
i would love to be leader of this army and get it back to life…

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