Hamburger Tip

29 06 2009

During summer everyone loves eating Hamburgers and Hot dogs off the Grill So heres a tip I heard (from the show Grill it with Bobby Flay) Using your fingers pound down the middle so it looks like a hole (not leading through the other side) This will gather all the juices into the middle instead of all the juices pouring out of the Burger This keeps it at its original size (insted of getting bigger like a burger on the grill usualy dose) and It keeps it tender and flavorful. Just wanted to post this so everyone has good burgers this summer. 


~My dream is to eat the worlds best cheesesteak,Nacho205~




5 responses

29 06 2009

Excellent tip!
I discovered this by accident over the winter (a little snow doesn’t keep me from grilling!), though I had made a “crater” in the burger because I was going to try and cook an egg on top of the burger. My crazy egg-burger idea didn’t end up happening (Should have checked for eggs first, oh well) but I loved how the burger turned out. Been doing it ever since, it works good!

1 07 2009


11 07 2009
nacho 205

wow weazelkid youre a spaz O_O Im retired so I just use my title as author for pointless stuff and exuse me for trying to add flavor and tenderness to everyones summer

14 07 2009
nacho 205

I got free grilled chicken at Kfc today and It was so freaking GOOD

14 07 2009
nacho 205


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