Partay/New Leader!

9 07 2009

Well everyone hi. It is your new leader, Supperz1. Sorry i havent been posting much. Well all I can say is that I am basically a temporary leader. I will lead until NMA is back on its feet and then retire. I know I have a lot of work to do but its worth it. So let me give you a short summary of how i started. Well I started inlate August of 2008. My best friend who lives across the street from me (Lots of Pie) recruitted me into cp armies. He made me join UT (United Troopers). About a month later or two later, I joined WW (Watex Warriors). I started out as a major. By that time, I was already Co-leader and admin on the site in UT. About another month later, I joined the UMA (Underground Mafias Army). So about 3-5 months later, I decided to make my own army with my good friend Smeeble. I named it BP (Black Panthers which is now almost a major army) and it started on January 31 , 2009. So 2 months passed and it was already March. I saw an army called the BJ (Black Jackets( and decided to join it. I brought it back to its feet but then quit because the creator of BJ came back and ruined everything. So, months were spent and I stayed in UMA, WW , and BP.  So now I am here with you 🙂

Now back to important matters, we got 40,000 hits! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

We will be having a partay because of it.



Friday July 10, 2009






Be on chat and comment if you can or cant come


I’ve decided once more…

4 07 2009

After having a long thought about this I’ve decided to bring back Non Member Army! This  will be the 5th Generation NMA And it will hopefully be the best. In the 5th Generation Im going to focus more on Non Member rights like member only partys and other stuff, which was NMA’s main purpose when it was created .

I will be re-doing a lot of pages and widgets.

So I want to see where NMA is now, Comment if your Active.

-Lucario564 NMA Leader