NMA is coming back

16 08 2009

How many times have I said this? At least 5 XD. This time Im bringing back NMA diffrently though, We will be a gaming community like commando corp, fighting for NMA right blah blah… I’ll explain more on the next few posts but until further notcie everything will stay the same so welcome back for the 5th time NMA, We won’t maerge again so don’t ask =/

– I have also taken everyone off the Site except Nacho205 and The old NMA, we need to start over





10 responses

18 08 2009
Zapdos255-TAGP Leader

O_O Coming back AGAIN? Eh

19 08 2009

luc i dont agree with u.ur not a recommended leader for NMA.wen u were left in command whn there was the roehf scandal NMA began to fall.and yes wen u merged in UPA.
-uti98(former NMA recruit)

19 08 2009

if u r ready to lead NMA the way a duckie did i m ready to join as this was the first army i joined.

21 08 2009

u guys, well im leader of the black troops and we could use ur help in a war against acp>.< were helping our allies and we could use all the help we could get.



23 08 2009

And what the ranks from the elites im going to join again!!!!!!!!!

23 08 2009

And luc i want to be allies with u guys with my army


27 08 2009
nacho 205

Great now we have a clean slate.

27 08 2009
nacho 205

what the crap happend to my gravatar its back to normal it used to be a sea shepherd flag

7 09 2009

wow really again?

17 09 2009

I don’t see ur army in any major battles… which server is it usually on

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