11 12 2009

NMA wont be leaving any time soon, were back and were hungry.

NMA is in need of troops, recruit on our servers or neutral servers if you are reading this, we are coming back, we are getting pumped and we are ready for anything.

Join NMA! If you have, recruit!

Were coming back in a big way, we will be organzied, we will have rules, we will have power once again!




5 responses

3 05 2010

Since you guys haven’t posted for 4 months I’ll restart the Non- Member Army. Don’t worry I’ll keep this army up and running and bring power back to it!

5 05 2010

Were already back, did you read the post?

6 05 2010

dudez d legend ninja is bac d i wil join

2 08 2010

wow incase u havent noticed its been 5 months or 6

26 08 2010
P80228313 NCPI

THE EPF ARMY is planning to create the biggest war club penguin has ever seen. Most of you will know that ACP are the biggest army on cp. I would like to start a war with them using every single army we can get our hands on. You can help by sending messages to every army you know and asking them if they will join us and take over ACP’s main server (which is breeze). We need to get as many penguins as possible together to fight ACP and to defeat them. We really need your help on this so please talk to every single army you know and ask them to help. I am hoping to put all the armies that agree to help in an alliance which will be known as THE DELTA ALLIANCE. So please help. Get as many armies as you can to join.

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