Recruit, Recruit, Recruit

16 05 2012

I am very disappointed with the turnout we had, but none the less, every army starts off from somewhere, we just have to adapt! From now I expect people to recruit as much as possible, we will be having more events in the near future, but for now I expect recruiting, once we have at least 7 new people we will begin to have events.



Imposters Back Down/Invasion of Pine Needles

12 05 2012

Since no one decided to face us, that’s makes this Non Member Army the one and only! There won’t be a need for an event, but to make it up to you guys, I am making an event for tomorrow! (Sunday) This will be our first invasion so get ready.

Invasion of Pine Needles

When – Tomorrow, Sunday May 13th

Time – 9:30am pst/12:30pm est

Who – NMA vs. Anyone

Where – Pine Needles, Town


-You’re about to Lose

-Luc Non Member Army Leader

New NMA Chat

6 05 2012

Just a quick post, the new NMA chat is here –

Don’t forget about our first event on saturday!!!

-Lucario564 Non Member Army Leader

CANCELLED:Invasion of the Wanna be Non Member Army

6 05 2012

Edit – Enemies have surrendered

Ok, lets get one thing straight, there is only one REAL Non Member Army and that’s us, anyone else is an impostor and I say BRING IT.

Therefore, this is an official declaration of war to any army that claims the name “Non Member Army”.

Here’s the info, if you have what it takes to show up.

Declaration of War Against Any Imposters

When – Saturday May 12th

Time – 5:00 pm pst/8:00 pm est

Where –

Who – The Real NMA vs. All the posers

Server – Halfpipe, Snowforts

This will be our first official war, so I expect everyone to show up!!! Wear the color orange on cp and anything orange you can find!

Lets win our first battle!

-Bring it or fall

-Lucario564 Non Member Army Leader