The Non Member Army Started one day, unnoficially, when A Duckie saw a member only army, he took action. He recruited a few others and attacked until they decided to let non members join too. Later we saw problems, all over club penguin, with teasing members. Some of these were based in armies, but either way, an army was decided to be the best place to stop them. So this was made and we are growing bigger and more powerful up to this day.

Official Wars we took Part in

Tundra War II

This began because some rougue BB had been attacking the WW in Tundra, still unaware of their obvious alliance. The WW took action and Banished the BB from Tundra. The BB leaders were not happy with this and sent their soldiers out to attack any WW found in Tundra. Soon this fledged into an all out war, BB vs WW, winner takes Tundra. They had long battles, the BB obviously being overpowerd by a much bigger army but refusing tio give up. After a few days with long hard battles with at least 20 men at the time, I could sometimes see up to 60! the BB came to peace terms with the WW. They no longer were welcome in Tundra but were able to guard it.  The NMA were not a big part in the War, fighting WWs allies as we thought that it was unfair and BB didnt have any. We came out relatively Casualty Free                                                       

BB Allies: BB (28 estimated casualties) NMA (No casualties) 

WW Allies: WW (34 estimated casualties) UMA (11) ACP (7) Nachos (4) RMA (0)      

The Elite War 

The Elite War started when an army called the Elites begun on CP. They rampaged servers and attacked armies for no reason, claiming they won many battles they didnt and ignoring the ones they definetely lost. The NMA had enough, they declared war. The Elites made a new last minute time for the war, then since we didnt know claimed we surrendered and they won.We didnt stand for this nd showed them the scam. They decided we would continue with the original time. The NMArrived there, ready to fight. The elites never showed up. An hour later we saw them rampaging the dojo. We stopped them and started fighting. We had to fight them with a small number of troops as many of them  had already left, as the battle was supposed to be an hour earlier. We held them off and the United Troopers came to help us. We fought back and the Elites were backing off. Suddenly, armies came from everywhere! More elites had come along with ACP, Nachos and WW who helped us. The Elites were thinning and left. Only their (evil) leader, 77ninja77 stayed. ACP, Nachos, UT and WW all left too. 77Ninja77 tried to hide, but we got him out. He left his account unnatended, officially leaving the battle. He then seeked help from a group called the Knights, a small unnoficcial army, but they knew him and wouldnt help him out. 77Ninja77 had lost, and all his boasting, it made no difference. As he was the only Elite there, he went back and told everybody about how he single handedly defeated the whole NMA!

NMA (estimated casualties 8)  Nachos (3) United Troopers (5) ACP (6) WW (2)

Elites (estimated casualties 23)

And if more armies go in the way of the Elites, we will be adding a lot more to this page…                                   


24 responses

22 04 2008

This is the Nesw page!Tell me what you think. More things will be added!

22 04 2008


23 04 2008


26 04 2008

we won

26 04 2008

yes but, who are you?

28 04 2008

which is the password to tactics! Email me please!

4 05 2008

Add the Elite War! I wasnt there but I heard We Won!

4 05 2008

Yup we did! Ill add it soon!

10 05 2008

cewl. but that 1st bb war was a practice war

10 05 2008

Ok, and whens the real one?

17 05 2008

yeah right! It wasnt a practice war!?

23 05 2008

elites are big lairs that say that they didnt lose wars to bribe pl to join

23 05 2008

No, it was a real war. Again, conoriscool7 is trying to say that he is better, so Of Course, than the WW by making a war which he calls real, that only he went to because he didnt inform anyone else. So he claimed that Dialga was scared of him.
Yes, elites lie all the time. obviously, 77ninja77 just doesnt want people thinking he is a weak coward, (which he is)

26 07 2008
acp medic team leader/kingjared7platoon 345

acp club penguin WOULD BEAT YOUR non member army

24 08 2008
acp medic team leader/kingjared7platoon 345

i think i was they re

1 03 2009

Fight with the NACHOS! We awesome!

1 03 2009

Help get peoples .Plz get peoples for Foxlight. If we don’t get 50 peoples by end of mar Foxlight will Help get peopls be out of biznis. Plz help get peoples. Site: http://www.foxlight.wordpress.com plz get people and you might get a good ranks.

2 03 2009

i wish i was at the elite war

14 03 2009

tactic password plz plz plz plz

23 03 2009

hey is NMA joining to help ACP and WW against RG

9 04 2009
cpt sulkes

how old is NMA like how many years

8 05 2009

fight with acp we r awesome!

19 05 2009

nmv i quit acp 😐

19 05 2009

i mean nvm im not good at typing

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