This is where we give medals for outstanding battles. Only the leader of the Army may add Medals and our decisions are final. To get a medal attend all battles and never give up! If you get enough medals you will be put into the NMA Hall of Fame! If enough people think their leader did a good job, upon retirement they can be placed in the Hall of Fame or recieve a medal! Medals may never be removed because they only need to be earned once! Hall of Famers get a little biography at the bottom of the page. Good Luck!

Medal that is given,medal earners may take the medal ONLY.

1 Medal: SeaCrunch, Me123567, 2k888

2 Medals:Mario800123, Charmi

3 Medals:

4 Medals:

5 Medals:

6 Medals:

7 Medals:

8 Medals:

9 Medals:

10 Medals:

Non Member Army Hall of Fame:

A Duckie: He was the First Leader and Creator of the NMA. He was a great friend and fun. He retired June 20th,2008. It was a sad day for everyone in the NMA,and a shock. He still communicates with us and plays Club Penguin. Maybe you can meet him at Half Pipe. When you meet him,you’ll know he’s a great friend.

Non Member Army Legends: A Duckie, Mario800123, Paul 2 857 2, Charmi


33 responses

30 04 2008

Medals May be Given Out at the Upcoming War against the Elites!

3 05 2008

Cool! There arnt many people up there, but if Im at the battle tommorow thatll change lol jk

4 05 2008
Paul 2 857 2

Hey, and the people who were in the battle for Wool Socks?

10 05 2008

There wasnt actually a war, so It wasnt worth entering, these people were not ALL the people at the Elite War, but the ones that fought hardest.

23 05 2008

A Duckie i think you need a medal for yourself for doing all this, anyway thanks for ALL 🙂

24 05 2008

Thanks, but Im not sure I deserve one..
yet lol jk

24 05 2008

lol your self

24 05 2008

I want a medal!!

24 05 2008

just work hard, dont give up and come to wars!

10 06 2008
cosmic cadoo

how do you fight in a battle??????????
my name is cosmic cadoo

20 06 2008
Paul 2 857 2

Mario, I made the first medal with a cleaner writing. Check it at:

22 06 2008

i wanna be in official club penguin non member

22 06 2008
Paul 2 857 2

So check the join page.

24 06 2008

It may not be my place, but Im SURE that A Duckie deserved that. Maybe you could add that he was great at tactics, and a great leader.

26 06 2008

thank you for the medal

5 09 2008

how do you get the missing puffle medal

5 09 2008

tell me now pwese

6 09 2008

check a cp cheats site,this is an army. The medals here are impossible to add to penguin accounts.
NMA Leader Mario800123

14 09 2008

the nma is the coolest! i will make a website for the top armies! maybe your army can be 2nd place!

22 09 2008

the medals are from the clock tower repairs mission!

22 10 2008
2k8888 the great spy of yesteryear

u shud stick me on it i spied for u and i was very loyal and i am a good frend of a duckie, the greatest leader of them all.

the great spy and general

p.s take me off the ranks list

16 02 2009
anwar 24

please make me a army i will do my work properly

17 02 2009

I recuited Evansmeven, and I am Roehf. I also went to the invasion to fight off WCP

20 02 2009

me and luc went on some serevers and recruited some people.

21 02 2009

im ready to be a sniper……for sunday do we go on wool socks or something else??
Wool Socks

23 02 2009

hey…i thought i was gonna get a medal???

25 02 2009

still no medal???

1 03 2009

the medals r my 2 favorite colors blue and silver!

1 03 2009

Help get peoples .Plz get peoples for Foxlight. If we don’t get 50 peoples by end of mar Foxlight will Help get peopls be out of biznis. Plz help get peoples. Site: plz get people and you might get a good ranks.

21 03 2009

I came to the PB today on 3/21/09.

27 03 2009
anwar 24


21 05 2009


26 07 2010

whats CPTVBA

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