N.O.N.M.A stands for Nation of Non Member Army. These are our servers, and a few rules.

Running Servers

While running our servers, we have peace. We keep citezens of CP safe, and NEVER attack them. The only reason we will fight a civilian is if he/she is being mean or bullying any other penguins. We keep peace. If another army is there, we will take one of these courses of actions:

Recruiting: We will kindly tell them to do this on another server. If it does not work, we will attack.

Invading: Defend our server! Make sure they dont get ideas of Ownership.

Having Fun: Its ok. Ask them who they are, and maybe join. As long as they are not attacking anyone.

Fighting Another Army: Figure out which armies they are. If any are allies, help them. If any are enemies, help the other army. If they are both allies, or both neutral, help the side with better reason or try to break up the war. If they are both enemies, try get both of them to take their argument out of our Server.

Citezens (Non Army People)

Usually, we let them go along with their day, we try not to get in the way of citezens of our servers but in these cases it may change…

Bullying: Stick up for the penguin being bullied. Help him/her/it (lol) out.

Member Only groups: Destroy comepletely. Its just not Fair.

Swearing, being innapropriate: If we can report them. Its really CP’s problem, but sometimes its best to get involved and fight them.

The only time we will ever invade a server is when it is being controlled and terrorised by an evil army.


We usually hold our base or HeadQuarters in the Snowfort, Pool or Forest, unless a pin or free item is there. If we have a meeting, the server will be a quieter one, but with free chat so we can talk freely. If we have to, we will use an igloo, and invite NMA members inside. We will also talk on chat.


No Servers yet


By invasion, we mean any other army invading territory that does not belong to them, hoping to make a name for themself or capture land. Sometimes armies will attempt to gain whole Countries servers, which is also an invasion.

This is our Nation! Long Live the NMA!


58 responses

20 05 2008

this is a great page! it’s way more organized than the ranks, squads and bases.

20 05 2008

Thanks. Since this is still a rough draft, we will have elections for the Servers soon.

22 05 2008

GREAT PAGE I LIKE IT! (could you explain more about bases?)

23 05 2008

what part of the bases?

23 05 2008

Well wich are the quiter servers? and fix this “hold our base, or HQ in the Dojo,”

25 05 2008

very cool! but why don’t we stand up for girls against bullying? Note: I am a boy,I’m just confused that you said help him,but you should of put him/her.
~General Mario800123

25 05 2008

sorry, Ive fixed that lol.

28 05 2008

my e-mail addreas is on join us beach pig

28 05 2008

I would like to start a non-member rights program. May I have Acces to this page so I can start it. I have so many ideas.

29 05 2008

Can you comment them? no Ofense, but I dont trust you yet.

29 05 2008

Very understant able. I sent an email to CP and this is what it said:
Dear Club Penguin, As a non-member in your game. I strongly support more non-member rights such as more ways to spend our money (I have $17000!), more items, and no more member partys. Its racist! So many non-members have more money than they can spend! Backgrounds: $60 A new coulor: $20. I would like to be able to spend more of this money! I have beenn in CP for 2 years and all I have to show for it is an empty igloo, two puffles that almost everyone has and only 30 clothes items. A member can (in thery) get that much in a month! The thing I hate most is member partys. We are disculed in a big party (missing out on new rooms) and our only source of freedom, free items, are in the party, out of reach! One of the rules is no cheating. So many non-members are becoming members for free by using CP trainer (aprogram to basicly hack and control CP)and prizerebel.com. Before long everyone is going to have free membership! Other penguins website show letters that you replied to saying membership is for two reasons: 1.To pay the people who worked on Club Penguin. 2.The cost of running the site is alot. I have things to go against that. Use ads – I know what your going to say “its a kids site so ads shouldn’t be on it. Use ads for other kids sites like funbrain. Many other games sites use advertising as there only income. You know what – IT WORKS! I hope you consider my opinion and just to warn you I know other non-members that have the same opinion. Yours truly, Penguio321 P.S. If you so the reason we cant do any of this is that so people will want to be members. I CAN AND WILL TELL EVERYONE ABOUT CP TRAINER!

And this is what they said:

Dear Penguio321, You have been a loyal penguin for a long time! Thank you. I would like to assure you we do value all players opinions, this includes you. I understand you are inquiring about memberships and other concerns regarding \’free accounts\’. First off, here at Club Penguin it will always be our highest priority to provide a safe and fun place for everyone. This is why most features on our site can be accessed by all penguins. As you know, running a website like Club Penguin is very expensive and without financial support, it could not exist. You mentioned we should use advertisements as a form of income, however; we want to be the safest site possible. By having ads on our site opens the opportunity for links to be available. As we can not control what other sites promote, we can not rely that this will keep the players of Club Penguin safe. I understand there have been member only parties in the past and some rooms have only been available to member penguins, however, this has not been the case in recent history. In fact, the last \’Members Only\’ party was in May of 2007. That was over a year ago. All rooms are open to all penguins, yet there are a few more benefits to having a membership. One of these benefits is access to a room before free accounts have access. This being said, all of the items, furniture and first glance at features we provide to our members is our way of saying thank you for their support. The use of any third party programs on Club Penguin is against the rules. Not only will a penguin get banned but some of these programs can cause harm to your computer. We have security features that recognize these programs therefore resulting in bans on the penguin accounts. Because of our security, these programs can not provide any penguin with a free membership. I have written down your thoughts regarding coins and being able to purchase more. I can\’t guarantee we will be able to use your idea to have more available for free accounts to purchase, but I can assure you we will take it into consideration. If you have any further questions or comments please feel free to let me know.

A few sentences they didn’t want to hear! an outrage!

30 05 2008

I know, they dont really care. We need more rights.

31 05 2008

Frozen is golds server. dont mess with them/ they are are stronger than anyone thinks

31 05 2008

I know, they are strong but we want to stand our ground. I would prefer negotiating. But we do need a server in the UK.

10 06 2008

Question from The Pfa:
Who makes the servers mor slower, members or non – members?
And also, you people got to buy stuff at the fall fair. And alos, members don`t tease a lot. And, members were maybe once Non – Members , so …..

12 06 2008
RICE ( 2k8888 )


12 06 2008

PFA: All you are really trying to say with that question is that you are better than us. Youre not. So stop it.

17 06 2008
Paul 2 857 2

I lost my server of cammand….. 😦

19 06 2008

aren’t u sharing half pipe with UT?

19 06 2008

Ok i just read that member rights thing and penguio 321 is right.We have a lot of coins for nothing!They are just trying to avoid the main question-Why can’t you make it fair for everyone?And I go to funbrain every day!I haven’t seen 1 single ad that was actually harmful to kids in any way.WE NEED NON-MEMBER RIGHTS!

6 07 2008

Half Pipe, Is Strick USRPF Servers.
If you would like to avoid war, Please Register at rpfrulers.wordpress.com On the Newest post.
State Your Army name, What Server you would like to be allowed in,
This is just so you are not taken for a Hostile army causing Danger in USRPF.

Rules If accepted into USRPF terratory,
1. No Electing Govoners
2. No Invading any other USRPF server, unless RPF is notified, and has granted permission
3. No Attacking RPF base If/In a USRPF server.
**If Violated Your army will be Kicked out of USRPF Servers.**

You have 1 week to Apply for lisence, Or we will take action

Thank you, and have a nice day

~Tommer651 RPF Head Warlord

7 07 2008

Oh yeah, last yearthey got 365 million dollars from disney and they can’t even givve out free memberships cuz of that what a waste of money. What did they do with all the money? Throw it away?

7 07 2008

i was meaning Club Penguin ^^

9 07 2008
~Extreme the great

Why do you care so much about non-members and members business… I mean the reason most of us are here playing CP is because of armies…

If CP put up 1 ad, it would need to be clicked millions of times so they could make enough money. Most of the good games need membership or purchase the money using real money…

19 07 2008

i didn’t come because i was must come with ivinho9 and i don’t wanna be he i wanna be ivhan 2

26 07 2008

go to this url to fight, its a petition for non member rights. http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/unfairdisney

28 07 2008

we should not stand for this non member stuff

30 07 2008

Subzero is our capital!

13 09 2008


I see your army is very well. What about my army that does not have a website known as the Red Parade becomes allies with your army. meet me in hibernate if you agree. Just tell me the time.

14 09 2008

members are your enemies? you can be friends with them! you dont understand what is being a dumb member and a non member! you know that you can be friends with members that have a good attitude not like a rich member with bad attitude! i experienced a member teasing me because im a non member cuz she’s a kid or a dumb kid. you should not attack all members! only the bad guys you can attack! if i was the leader of this army,i will make peace with members! so please,do this

20 09 2008

one problem,who said that? By the way,you made my point.
~NMA Leader Mario800123

24 09 2008
nacho 205

lol him/her/it

23 12 2008
Lucario564 *Lcp Leader*WW Warlord*

rofl ninjadud

30 12 2008

hey beach pig,
my penguin name is shrivathsa.
i am going to start a blog. in that i will put a tab called non member army.
we are going to make a small army that will support ur army.
can i be a member here?

19 01 2009

ok my blog is http://shrivathsascpcheats1.wordpress.com
my army name is the revolutionary army.
i’ve made the same concept of this army. i told were allies with you guys.

22 01 2009
Micro Nik (lazy)

NO army or group of penguins “owns” a server. You have no ownership and attacking is useless. The word “whack” is a common form of “attacking”. But its a word. It doesnt mean anything.

26 01 2009
FlimFlam45, founder of the CAMO

Whats up, NMA? I’m Flimflam45, and I created the CAMO (Clubpenguin Allied Military Operatives) The CAMO website isn’t up yet, but it will be soon. I’m impressed at how well your site is organized! Anyway, I was wondering if the CAMO could be added to your allies list, since I have a deep respect for non-members and their rights (I was a non-member for a long period) and I will always allow non-members into the CAMO, and always put soldiers in thier appropiate ranks by skill, not by membership. If the CAMO are around when a member-only army is being formed, we will help as much as we can to set them straight! I will notify you guys when the website is up, and if you accept my alliance offer, you will be added to our allies list.
-FlimFlam45, Supreme General of the CAMO Nation
Mario800123:Ok,maybe you’ll be added to our allies page but maybe.

27 01 2009
FlimFlam45, founder of the CAMO

Ok, thanks! Were gonna need all the help we can get while we are still a new nation, and if you accept my alliance offer, we promise we will repay you in any way we can. =)

7 02 2009

Can you add the servers of MRS:

Flurry, Altitude, and inverno

18 02 2009

great page i want membership

23 02 2009

dude you can totaly trust me for joining i already attacked member only groups i led a group of soldiers to attack this new member only team called the aqua vikings and ive been recruiting a lot of people!

25 02 2009
paco3795 (eric)

can i become a member of ur site. im a cp nonmember who is against anything restricting my use of cp such as member only parties, bullies, and people who cause trouble on cp. i once went to somones igloo on the map, (it was open mind you) and everyone in there started telling me to leave for no reason. this behavior is uncalled for. i support your views and am completely trustworthy. i would be very appreciative of your allowing me to join NMA.

your friendly antibully cp user
paco3795 (eric)

25 02 2009
paco3795 (eric)

when you reply to my first comment what do i need to do to become a member

1 03 2009

but im a member! but i still am fair to non members! i always wear non member clothes, don’t destroy me! can i be apart of ur army?!

15 03 2009

plz uptade where is the army everyday

15 03 2009

DECLARE AN ALL OUT WAR against member only servers! overpopulate entrances to members only rooms! Set an alliance wth other NMA Groups!JUSTICE,FAIRNESS AND LIBERTY

16 03 2009

Dear peguino 321:
Tell everyone about cp trainer, do it. Keep up the good work, my dear comrade!!!!!

21 03 2009

Can I join? I’ll be on Girlyzpopz (Yes i’m a non member)

23 03 2009
acp warrior

can we have a goverment

23 03 2009

what place in the server?

10 06 2009

I don’t know if anybody said this, but I would love to be the Governor of Half Pipe! It would be such an honor.

11 06 2009

For non members you guys are a good civilized army and nation, i wish acp was like this.

26 07 2009

Geez im a member on cp, i started out as a non member, guys, gals, ask your parents for a 5 $ membership for a month to see what a member realley goes through. I am fair to nonmmbers, as a non member i was realley rude and eventually got banned forever (weatherboy87). I became a member on December 25th, 2008, and I joined my first cp army on January, 2009. I started cp as a nonmember and hated members at that time because i would add them then they would delete me the next day. But now i have a different views because being a member rocks, I have a pimped out igloo, thanks to my friend who has storm. I have almost 800,000 coins, so anything is possible if you just ask your parents for a membership for a birthday gift and any other gifts. Last week at Walmart, I finally saw a Cp 6 month membership card, 29.95 or something. Goodbye for now.
~~~~ Eagleeye5600 cp member~~~~~~

P.s. Don’t be rebelious, because it won’t work, and if you want to be banned faster use trainer. Also don’t say anything about members because im a nice member most of time, when im not cranky.

26 07 2009

I also asked for a year membership for a Christmas gift. See anything is possible if you just ask your parents.

7 11 2009

Thx, this has definitely made my day!


10 05 2010


27 05 2010
palm pengiun

To nma,
I saw that you have no servers so do you want to share abominable with the palm army(my army)?

26 07 2010

Cold Snap is a quiet place.

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